Camera Installation

We can offer CCTV installation in your home or business.  Starting with one camera if that meets your needs.  The solution we provide can give you control of multiple cameras.  We use HikVision networked cameras to offer you a high quality flexible solution.   

All work is completed to an agreed written quotation and we ensure the site of installation is left clear and tidy.

If it is help in using the apps and get more from your cameras we can help. We can show you how to get the most from your camera installation.  Walking you through setup up you access on Personal Computers, tablets and smart devices.  

Holding your hand in setting up apps and tuning users with different access.  

Helping you to resolve common issues that may occur and ensuring you understand how to tune you system as you needs change.

Technical Briefing


Maybe you need the technology setup for you. We can load and configure the apps on your devices. Not everyone needs to control the whole system.  If you are someone who just wants a turn key solution then allow us to configure it for you.

You will still have access to your camera(s) on multiple devices and be able to access recording.  But you do not need to know how the apps and hardware is configured, you simply want to used it.